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School Profile

School Profile

St. Mary of the Assumption High School has been committed to providing quality Catholic education since 1930. At St. Mary's you will find a sound academic program in a small family oriented school. Our students learn in a safe and caring environment.

 The students, parents, priests, administration, faculty and staff of St. Mary of the Assumption High School are a community who strive to be a visible, viable manifestation of the teacher-redeemer Christ among us and all persons. The richness and variety of the many ethnic heritages represented by the people of St. Mary of the Assumption are respected and valued as we work for the benefit of our school and the larger society.

 We endeavor to facilitate and foster the total growth: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of each student who becomes part of the St. Mary tradition.

 To accomplish this goal St. Mary of the Assumption High School seeks to:

Provide a safe, caring and secure learning environment, which will challenge students to develop his or her potential.

 Emphasize personal attention to develop in each student a sense of his or her own belonging to the family community of St. Mary's.

 Foster in our students a keen Christian awareness of responsibility to and for others; as well as service for the common good.

 Recognize each person as an individual who is affirmed and worthy of being loved.