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In order to qualify for a state-endorsed high school diploma, the following requirements must be met: A total of one hundred twenty (120) credits are needed for graduation from St. Mary of the Assumption High School. Specific requirements include:

 RELIGION - One credit year of Religion for each year of enrollment, up to four credit years.

 ENGLISH - One credit year of English for each year of enrollment, up to four years.

 SOCIAL STUDIES - Two credit years of U.S. History and Social Studies as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 as well as one credit year of World History/Cultures.

 MATHEMATICS - Three credit years of Mathematics.

 SCIENCE - Two credit years of Natural or Physical Science.

 PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH & SAFETY - One credit year of Physical Education, Health, and Safety for each year of enrollment as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-7.

 ARTS - One credit year of fine, practical, and/or performing arts.

 ELECTIVE COURSES - Full and half year elective courses are offered to Juniors and Seniors to complete the 120 credits.

 Students are expected to pass all courses in which they are enrolled. Students who fail a course for the year must repeat (and pass) the course in summer school. If the course is not available in summer school, an alternate arrangement must be made with the Principal. Any student who fails three or more courses for the year will be asked to leave Saint Mary of the Assumption High School. Before entering senior year, students are required to have passed all courses failed in previous years. Seniors must pass all courses taken in senior year to graduate. Seniors who have not met the school's graduation requirements or who have an outstanding financial obligation will not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises. Diplomas will not be issued until failed courses are made up.